A new play service for kids.

The new SF Kids Play service is ad-free and features the best content from around the Nordic region and the most popular international characters. From Astrid Lindgren's beloved classics to animated favorites like Alfie Atkins and newer international characters such as Maya the Bee, Roary the Racing Car and Peppa Pig.

The content on SF Kids Play is chosen for kids to enjoy and parents not to have to worry about. The service is designed specifically for children, it's simple, playful and fun, even for the very youngest. The smart controls for parents let them have an influence on their children's viewing without limiting the choices available.

"It's a treasure chest chock full of movies and series, packaged in a new concept, and it's fantastic to be able to offer all of this to families with kids in the entire Nordic region," says Jonas Fors, CEO for Svensk Filmindustri. "The selection of entertainment for children online is huge, but what's been missing up until now is a secure corner that offers a mix of classics with the latest kids' favorites. "The movie industry is, like many other industries, constantly developing. Svensk Filmindustri faces many exciting challenges, and this is a way of broadening our business.

With SF Kids Play, the whole family can enjoy high-quality movies and TV series, while saving their own favorites with a heart. By using the offline function, content can be downloaded so kids can easily have access to entertainment whenever it's best for the family. Regardless of whether you watch on a computer, smartphone or tablet, the service is simple and intuitive. A number of new exciting functions are being developed and new films and series will be available every month.

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